Monday, September 14, 2009

Work, Marathon Training, and Blogging don't mix really well

We have a diagnosis! I went to the podiatrist last week and it's official, I have platar fasciitis. I also have high arches and the bones in my feet are at a slight angle. So we ordered custom orthotics. They should be in in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping that 3 weeks is enough time to get used to them for the marathon. The nurse showed me how to tape my feet and arches for better support until the orthotics come in. I did that for my long run on Sunday.

Of course, I woke up 20 minutes after the group had already left and ended up out there by myself (and about an hour behind schedule since we had lunch plans with old friends). Back to the tape....I taped my feet and also added a moleskin cut out to provide extra arch support (as directed by my doctor and nurses), but the tape lost its stick and started sliding around and gave me a big blister....problem #1. Then my iPod died.....problem #2. Then my hip started hurting.....problem #3. I'm not sure if the hip issue is from me running funny to try and make the blister feel better or if its from the extra arch support and tape that I'm not used to or if it is from something else all together. The blister actually felt better if I ran, but the hip felt better if I walked. I did a little bit of both and decided that the hip hurt more than the blister and it was better to walk.

I haven't done a whole lot of running since my last post.
Friday 9/4 - I tried to run 18 miles, but my arches were really bothering me. I ended up with 10 miles in 2:18:22.

I took the following weekend off because we were in the mountains of NC for a wedding. My arches started bothering me at the wedding, so I decided to take it easy until I could get into a doctor.

Wed 9/9 - Saw the doctor

Then my daughter got sick and wasn't sleeping at night (and I don't function well without sleep) so running got put aside for a little bit.

Sat 9/12 - Ran an easy 3 miles, pushing the jogging stroller for just over a 12 min/mile pace

Sun 9/13 - Was supposed to be 14 miles, was the above mentioned 8.5 miles with blisters, hurting hips, and dead iPods.

I'm supposed to meet my girls tomorrow for an easy 3 miles to see how my hip is doing. If I'm not feeling up to it, we are going to walk (hey, something is better than nothing, right?!).

I'll try and be better about posting! Oh, any suggestions on how to get used to new orthotics? How long did it take you guys?


Morgan said...

Girl you're a mess! LOL! I hope that blister heals up and the inserts come STAT!

Carolina John said...

ouch! my chiropractor has cleaned out plantar fasciatis for the wife. i'm due for an appt tomorrow to help with some ITB stuff.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Something is always better than nothing! Keep up all the hard work :)