Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch-time run

Whoo hoo! I got a run in today at lunch. It's nice because the building I'm working in right now is in the same parking lot as our gym and it's right by the trail. I just changed real quick, hit the trail, and was able to shower when I was done. I did 2.77 miles in 30:03 which is a 10:51/mile average pace. I was pretty happy with that pace. I don't know how much longer I'll be working in this building (it's just temporary until everything is approved for me to start working with the client).

I've packed a bag to try and do this again tomorrow. Once this gig is up, I suppose I'll have to start getting up super early and try running in the morning.

Friday, May 22, 2009

MCHH Pictures

These are courtsey of the Fredericksburg Freelance Star and MarathonFoto.

I think this is almost at the half-way's definitely before mile 7.5.

Somewhere close to the mid-way point (look at all that water on the road)

I'm a finisher! (And I had to swipe Sofia's blanket since they were out of mylar blankets)

Michelle and I towards the beginning.

I thought this was a cool way to capture the race start.

Another cool shot, between miles 1 and 2.

Look at all this rain!

Great shot of the finisher medals.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It works!!! It turned back on!!

On another note, my daughter and I are sharing the coxsackivirus this week. It is quite possible that running will be non-existent.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MCHH Race Report

I've been a little MIA in blogging lately. That is because I started a new job this week, so I've been trying to figure out schedules and packing lunches and getting Sofia to daycare in time and what to wear. And I'm working full time now, instead of part-time. So, I haven't had as much time and I haven't run all week (hard to blog about running when you aren't running).

But today I ran my first half marathon since Sofia was born. I was a little nervous as I hadn't trained like I would have liked, but I've been keeping up the short distances during the week....3, 4, 5 miles.

All the pictures are on Michelle's camera. (And the official picture people's cameras.) I didn't bring my camera today (I know, shock of all shocks). The forecast called for rain all morning! I love running in the rain, but because of the rain I left my camera at home. Of course, I didn't think to leave my iPod at home....I should have. I think I may have shorted it out. A friend of mine dropped her iPhone in her dog's water bowl and the Apple people told her to put in rice to draw the moisture out of it and to not turn it on for 2 days. And it worked for her! So, my iPod is currently in the off mode, in a bowl of rice, and won't be turned on for 2 days. We'll see how it turns out.

So, on to the race report....

The short rained, I had a technical malfunction, I finished, I'm sore.
If you notice at the top of the map, there is a nice little elevation chart. Yeah, you will also notice we have a major uphill towards the end. That was not nice.

It was an early 7am start (and about an hour from the house!). We had everyone up and on the road by 5:10am. We got there, parked, made it to the port-o-John, and lined up with everyone else in plenty of time. I couldn't figure out how to get my new watch programed for a distance longer than 3 miles but we were already running at this point so I just started it and went. It was overcast as we started, and a drizzle here and there but not really raining. We were at the 5K turn around point in no time (1.5 miles). Between miles 2 and 3 we looped through a neighborhood, which was really quiet. This is also where my Garmin stopped recording or I hit stop or any number of events that made it stop recording. Miles 4 and 5 skirted around Mary Washington University, but you didn't get much feel for being on a college campus. It was more the feel of the neighborhoods that surround it. There was very nice family around mile 5 that was giving out water, tequila, and other beverages. Of course, I'm a slow poke and they ran out of cups right before I got there. Miles 4, 5, and 6 were when the skies finally opened up! (It had been just drizzling until then.) It was fantastic! I love, love, love running in the rain. This also is where the course went up one block and down the next for a while (like feeding through a waiting line at an amusement park). This also meant any hill you ran down this block, you'd be running back up the next block. Of course, my iPod starts flaking out around mile 6 and I'm sure its due to all the water.

There was not mile marker for mile 7. We got free sport beans and then all of a sudden it was mile marker 8! Mile 8! We've got this thing! Mile 8 to 9 was pretty uneventfull. We meet a very nice gentleman from Columbia, MD. He ran with us for a few minutes and chatted. Michelle needed a walk break so he kept on going. Mile 9 to 10 I was really starting to feel good....considering how bad anyone feels after running 9 miles without properly training. I pulled away from Michelle after the water stop at Mile 10. Mile 11 was brutal...that hill I mentioned above, this is where it was. I think 95% of the people I saw were walking. Once up and over the hill, it was clean sailing from there. 2 more miles and I finished.

Again, being that I'm slow, they were out of mylar blankets and finisher coins. They were, however, not out of free beer, medals or free massages. All of which I made sure to get!

I'm a little sore right now...ok, a lot sore! It's hard to get up and down the stairs to take the dog out. I'll post pictures if I ever get any. I'm off to finally read the directions for my watch and get a sweet treat!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Marc, Sofia, and I went over to Fairfax Corner because REI was having a huge sale. I ended up getting my birthday present! The Garmin 405 with the heartrate monitor was on sale for $90 off of retail. Then to top it off, they were offering a $50 mail-in rebate. That ends up being a total of $140 off retail. I couldn't let that little gem just sit there for that price. We are going to a family test run in the morning...followed by some chocolate chip waffles.

I'm also the proud owner of my first pair of wick away panties. Suppose I should have purchased more than one pair since they were 30% off, but wasn't sure how I'd feel about them. I can always get more down the road.

I also signed up for my marathon training program through the local running store. I realize I could very easily do this on my own and save some cash, but I think this will really help this marathon be tons more enjoyable. Training starts in a month! (Hard to believe it's already marathon season?!)

Oh and I'll be in the market for a new Weight Watcher meeting. I got home today and realized how much this leader irritates me! Like I said before, I ran to the meeting, and instead of getting a "yea! good for you! way to get some activity!", I got "You can't have your husband pick you up, you should run home." What if running to the meeting was all I could do? What if 3 miles was a really big deal for me? The sucky part is that she does all the Saturday meetings at this location. Guess I will be trying a few other locations.

Recommitted to Weight Watchers

I ran to Weight Watchers today! I'm recommitting to Weight Watchers and I thought the perfect start would be to get my exercise on the way there. According to the Nike+ I ran 3.09 miles, but according the Nike map and gmap-pedometer it was 3.25 miles. And that really big dip would be when I was waiting on the light to change so I could cross the street. And I was down! 0.4 from the time I weighed in during Easter in SC. Anything is better than a gain!
5.9.09 Run

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just don't feel like it

It's wet and dreary here (again...but I'm not complaining, keeps the pollen count down) and I just didn't feel like running this morning. It's a little bit chillier out so I didn't want to run in the rain and I didn't want to run period. Since our gym is so close to Sofia's daycare, I went to the gym after dropping the lil one off at school (my last week of such luxuries...I start a new full-time job next Monday).

On days that I just don't want to work out, I do best to do a few minutes on different machines instead of trying to force myself to do any one thing for a full 30 minutes.

I did 10 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer (which I had never used before...very interesting machine....wore out my upper quads and hips rather quickly). I did 15 minutes on the bike (doing a modified version of a training program Beth's trainer sent me). And finally I ran a mile on the treadmill (in 10 minutes 14 seconds). I did 2 arm weight machines (I know my upper body is weak, but again, still not feeling like I want to be working out and not sure which ones to do, which is why I stopped at 2), some abs, and some stretching.

Now it's off to shower and to my bi-annual dentist appointment.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 Miles

Sofia and I went out for a run this morning. And I pushed her. :) I've decided that's it's probably good for me to push her at least once a week (even if I dread it)'s my form of interval training. I did walk up all the really big hills though. And we stopped at the 2.5 mile mark so that Sofia could play on the playground for a few minutes, then ran the remaining 0.5 miles home.
5.2.09 Run
I think I'm going to join my local running group in the morning for a 7 or 10 mile run. The do 10 miles every Sunday morning. But they have this group called the Back of the Pack that isn't quite up to running 10 miles, but they run more at my speed (I emailed the leader and she said they are only up to about 7 miles). I really would rather have the distance, but it would be nice to have the company.

Baby is awake from her nap (why won't she sleep just a little longer!). But I'm itching to get out of the house, so it's ok. We'll go do something fun.