Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2.5 weeks of catch up

I've been so busy.....trying to catch up on sleep. Haha! These 4am wake up calls and long runs have me a little tired. Of course, if I updated regularly it wouldn't be such a big deal or take too long.

So, here's what I've been up to.

Wed 9/2/09 - 3 Miles - 40:08 (soooo tired, looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow)
Tues 9/1/09 - X-train walk
Mon 8/31/09 - 3 Miles - 37:52
Sun 8/30/09 - 16 Miles - 3:47:01 (we were the walking wounded....between my falling arches, Michelle forgetting her knee brace, and Heather's calves cramping up we were a hot mess and walked back the last 3-4 miles)

Fri 8/28/09 - 3 Miles - 37:01
Wed 8/26/09 - 4 Miles - 46:16
Tues 8/25/09 - 5.7 Miles - 1:09:08
Sun 8/23/09 - 13.1 Miles - 2:48:55

Fri 8/21/09 - Walking
Wed 8/19/09 - 3.7 Miles - 48:59
Mon 8/17/09 - 4.9 Miles - 58:21
Sun 8/16/09 - 12 Miles - about 2:30:00 (the running coach said no electronics!!! didn't wear the Garmin or iPod)

Thur 8/13/09 - 3 Miles - 33:59
Tue 8/11/09 - 6 Miles - 1:15:48

Tomorrow is a rest day and them I'm going to run 18 Miles!! by myself on Friday. We are going out of town this weekend and I won't be able to get the mileage in while in the mountains of NC. Wish me luck!!


wirrek said...

Ha! Why no electronics? I mean, I am old school myself with my $15 watch from Target, but why no ipod or garmin?

Carolina John said...

good luck on your 18 saturday. it's going to be wild.

Lauren P said...

No electronics, because you never know what is going to happen on race day. And he has a point, any one of your must have devices could die. He also wanted us to know what it "feels" like to run 12 miles and try and pace ourselves on how we feel rather than how close we are to whatever pace we are trying to achieve.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Good luck tomorrow on your run!!