Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lots of 3's

So, since my last post....arch/heel/self-diagnosed planter fasciitis is doing much better! Of course in that time, I did more 3 mile runs vice the 5's and 6's that were on the schedule. And last Sunday, I did not do the 8 mile group long run....I went to bed Saturday night with a wicked migraine and there was no getting me out of bed Sunday morning. Not to mention I had a regular headache until at least lunch time.

I've had 6 3-mile runs since I last posted. I had one run that was supposed to be 6 miles, it turned into 4.34 miles with a bit more walking than I'd like to admit. Michelle and I had the grand idea of trying to run 6 miles before 4:30am! Meaning I had to be up at 3:55 to get changed, drive over there, and be moderately coherent. I could not mentally get into it. That is way to early to be up and running. I told her that 4:45 is my absolute earliest before work. As the distance gets longer mid week, I think I will either have to split it up and do part before work and part after, or try and do it all after work in the icky heat.

One of those 3's I pushed Sofie in the jogger. That run was actually supposed to be a 4 mile run, but I was running late (had something else to get to) and I had Sofie. I figured the extra effort of pushing 30lbs of baby plus whatever the stroller weighs (since I'm not really used to it) made up for cutting it short by a mile.

This morning our group long run turned into a race. We showed up and Chip (the coach) said, "You can't plan for everything that happens on race day, so we are racing 6 miles today." It was overcast and drizzly (it had rained all night) and it poured on us from mile 2-4 (which was great, I loved it!). Maybe I should have someone tell me to "race" my runs more often, came in at 1:08:34 with an 11:27 pace (I've been averaging 12 min/miles on the longer runs). I'm always afraid I won't have enough left in the tanks to finish my run, so I hold back. And I think I hold back a little more than necessary.

Tomorrow is a rest day (thank gawd!), Monday: 6mi (before work, I'll give it one more shot before I decide if 5 is my limit before work or not), Wednesday: 3mi, Thursday: 1 hour of cross train (which I normally turn into rest, I know, bad Lauren), Friday: rest, Saturday: 3mi, Sunday: 10 mi.


Carolina John said...

i'm sick of 3 milers. i'm sick of single digit weekend long runs. time to stretch that milage out some.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Is Chip Hulbert your coach?? Tell him I said hi - he is one of my friends!!!