Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Marc, Sofia, and I went over to Fairfax Corner because REI was having a huge sale. I ended up getting my birthday present! The Garmin 405 with the heartrate monitor was on sale for $90 off of retail. Then to top it off, they were offering a $50 mail-in rebate. That ends up being a total of $140 off retail. I couldn't let that little gem just sit there for that price. We are going to a family test run in the morning...followed by some chocolate chip waffles.

I'm also the proud owner of my first pair of wick away panties. Suppose I should have purchased more than one pair since they were 30% off, but wasn't sure how I'd feel about them. I can always get more down the road.

I also signed up for my marathon training program through the local running store. I realize I could very easily do this on my own and save some cash, but I think this will really help this marathon be tons more enjoyable. Training starts in a month! (Hard to believe it's already marathon season?!)

Oh and I'll be in the market for a new Weight Watcher meeting. I got home today and realized how much this leader irritates me! Like I said before, I ran to the meeting, and instead of getting a "yea! good for you! way to get some activity!", I got "You can't have your husband pick you up, you should run home." What if running to the meeting was all I could do? What if 3 miles was a really big deal for me? The sucky part is that she does all the Saturday meetings at this location. Guess I will be trying a few other locations.


Jenny said...

yuck! she is irritating! good luck finding another meeting...

Beth said...

That wasn't very nice of her to say! You probably got more activity than most of the people there (including her). How rude!

And I'm jealous of your pretty new toy :-) I don't think I can talk Jeff into one (even though today is Mother's Day AND our anniversary)

aron said...

SOOOO exciting you got a garmin :) you will love it!