Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 Miles

Sofia and I went out for a run this morning. And I pushed her. :) I've decided that's it's probably good for me to push her at least once a week (even if I dread it)'s my form of interval training. I did walk up all the really big hills though. And we stopped at the 2.5 mile mark so that Sofia could play on the playground for a few minutes, then ran the remaining 0.5 miles home.
5.2.09 Run
I think I'm going to join my local running group in the morning for a 7 or 10 mile run. The do 10 miles every Sunday morning. But they have this group called the Back of the Pack that isn't quite up to running 10 miles, but they run more at my speed (I emailed the leader and she said they are only up to about 7 miles). I really would rather have the distance, but it would be nice to have the company.

Baby is awake from her nap (why won't she sleep just a little longer!). But I'm itching to get out of the house, so it's ok. We'll go do something fun.


Jenny said...

good deal. did you go this morning?

Lauren P said...

Nah, didn't make it this morning. Forgot to set an alarm and wouldn't you know this is the one day Sofia slept later than 7:30 (slept until 8:30!). By then I had missed the group and we were unsure of whether or not Marc's baseball game would get canceled and I didn't have time to go on my own if the game was not cancelled and I was not about to push Sofia that far.

Maybe I can get in a morning and an afternoon run tomorrow to make up for it?