Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Races in 1 day!

Yesterday I ran in 2 races, the Women's Distance Festival in the morning and the Twilight Festival in the evening. Granted, I only ran the 1 mile fun run in the evening. Marc was running the 4 mile race, so I pushed the jogger and ran the 1 mile fun run to give us something to do while we waited.

The Women's Distance Festival was in town!! And the Twilight Festival was just around the corner. It was nice to run races so close to home. The Women's Distance Festival started at 8 and we didn't leave the house until just after 7. Normally, I'd like to be there by 7, to park, to figure out where I'm going, visit the port-o-potty, etc.

These are all pre-race photos. Marc forgot to take any as I started or finished (but that's ok, I didn't get any of him at his race).

Sofia's Bo-bo scowl. This is the same exact face Marc has when he's getting his hair cut.


We actually got a picture with all 3 of us!

The race didn't actually start at the YMCA. They walked us down to a business complex and we started there. There is a bottle neck towards the beginning so the volunteers were really stressing that you seed yourself appropriately. I lined up with the 11:30 pace group thinking this would be fairly accurate, except I was passing people the whole race! After we looped around the business complex and got through the bottle neck, we were back on the W&OD trail. We turned off the trail to loop around a small, man-made pond (where we passed mile 1), then jumped back on the trail. We turned off the trail again to run through the woods, I think this wooded path is part of the Sugarland Trail. We passed the water stop and mile 2 while in the woods. After we looped through the woods, we got back on the W&OD trail and headed back the way we came. Then we turned back at the Y and were at the finish line....where there was an "Official Finish Line Hugger" (if you enlarge the picture you can see that is what his t-shirt says). I opted for a high five. Official results aren't posted yet, but Gavin the Garmin says 32:57 (10:40 pace).


These are all the goodies I got from the Women's Distance Festival. A pair of socks, a spa robe (thinking I would have rather had a t-shirt, but it is something different), a finishers hat, and a bag to keep it all in!

We ran a few errands and came home to relax. I had tried to nap, didn't really happen. All it did was make me groggy (and I had a headache) and I did not want to go to the second race. I decided I was going to walk the fun run instead of running it, so I didn't dress appropriately. We get there and I get caught up in all the excitment. The 4 miler started and 5 minutes later the fun run started. Of course, I decide to go ahead and run....and I! But I'm glad we ran, we finished in plenty of time to see Marc come through for his second loop. They didn't do official times for the fun run, but they were calling out times off a stop watch and they said 11:something. I'm pretty pleased with that time, I'd already ran a race that day, I was exhausted from the previous 3 days, and I was pushing the stroller! Marc finished with a net time of 30:32! Way to go! (the stinker ran farther than I did and he did it faster!)

After Marc finished, we went and got free burittos from Moe's. We attempted to get our free beers, but the line was ridiculous and we had beer at home.

I didn't get any pictures from this race. But here is a shot of the Clemson Orange shirt.

This morning was another long run with my marathon training group. 5 miles, 59:49 (11:58 pace). Of course, Michelle was a slacker and didn't come. I probably wouldn't have gone either except I paid a lot of money for this program. (I knew it was a good thing to pay for this! It keeps me motivated to go). I had a busy couple of days....moving furniture, painting our bedroom, moving furniture back, staying out late at a baseball game (read all about it here)....I was exhausted and still am. I think I'll be in bed shortly after the lil one goes to bed.

And I've got a stretching question for all 3 of y'all that read hips/hip flexors are super tight since I've been upping my miles. Any suggestions on how to stretch my hips? I'm having a hard time stretching them out.


Jenny said...

i used to stretch my hip flexors by doing something like a lunge that would go down as far as i could get it, leaning forward on that front toe to stretch the flexor of the other leg (that was out behind me).

that probably didn't make any sense...

GREAT job, btw!!!!!!

wirrek said...

I think I have stretched mine by putting one knee on the ground and the other leg bent at a right angle in front. Then kind of lean forward. I tore mine once. It was a bitch.

I am so glad to hear your joined a running group. I ran with one time and loved it, although be wary of their training plans. Everyone would get injured towards the end!

Denise said...

Nice! 2 races in one day!! I love the socks in your goodie bag. That's a good score!