Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I didn't feel like going to intervals tonight. I was up late (my own damn fault) and this morning was the one morning in 4 days that Sofia didn't sleep in. I have a cross training day on the schedule for Friday, so I thought I'd just switch today's run with Friday's cross train. I headed over to the pool to see if a) I could do the distance and b) how would I feel after the distance.. Our pool is a 25M pool, so it would take 17 laps to get 425M. I did 17 and then I thought, maybe I had miscounted so I did 2 more laps just in case. It took me 14:23. It's no Michael Phelps, that I know. But I'm not sure how slow it is (but I know it's slow) or how it stacks up against others. I think a swimcap would help. I'm still growing out my bangs and they don't stay back in a ponytail just yet. I could breath to the right, but every time I tried to the left my hair got in my way, dripping water. I ended up with more water than air.

Tomorrow is another early morning. Michelle and I are planning on meeting at 5am to get in 3 miles. I'm heading to bed soon!

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