Friday, June 26, 2009

Another morning run

Michelle and I met at 5am yesterday and ran another 3 miles. We met at the Town Center since it's about half way between our houses and we know its well lit. This is a problem we are having. Neither of us have really run in the mornings around here so we don't have any routes planned out that we know for sure are well lit. I have a head lamp, pepper spray, and a reflective belt. But still, it's a little creepy in the dark. Right now we are lucky. Even though the sun doesn't officially come up until 5:45, it is pretty well lit by 5:15 and we feel safe. When we start getting into the longer weekday runs it'll be more of an issue. Hopefully by then, we'll have figured out a few routes that are on busy roads or shopping centers that we feel safe on even in the dark.

I went to the Nationals game last night and was out waaaay past my bedtime, Sofie decided to get up before 6am this morning, and I'm exhausted. I was planning on doing 3 miles today, but it might turn into a rest day. I have to finish painting the master bedroom today, put all the furniture back in the bedroom, and I have a 5K tomorrow morning.


Jenny said...

wow you're a busy lady! i definitely don't envy you your early morning runs...although with the weather being the way it has down here we may need to do the same.

looking forward to the RR :o)

Beth said...

Good luck on your run(s) tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you (and envious) as I'm sitting (running around like a mad woman) at work!

Becky S said...

Have you tried
You can map your runs and see distance, see runs other people have mapped out, etc. It's prett neat and helpful. you go girls!

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

I used to run at 5am last summer during marathon training and I had the same problem with well lit roads. I lived off of Southlakes so I would run up to Town Center as well - but I also found that if you go down Reston Parkway away from town center towards fairoaks and run down on the sidewalk it's lit in most places. I also felt safer since there were cars driving past and people waiting at bus stops. Having the headlamp helped also. :)