Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day 5K

This morning we got up early and drove to Silver Spring, MD (just around the Beltway from us) so I could run the Earth Day 5K. And guess who was there? Bernie Salazar from season 5 of the Biggest Loser. He was the at-home winner that season.


It started and ended at a local running store and was an out and back course. The only problem with this was the first mile was all down hill. You all know what that means....the last mile is all up hill! At least the second mile was fairly flat through a park. Each mile came and went fairly fast. I came across the finish line and the clock said 32:00! And I just checked the results....official time of 31:50 (that's a 10:20 mile!!!) This is my fastest 5K since before Sofia was born!

Mommy and Sofie pre-race

We didn't hang around after the race because we had to get back to our side of the Beltway for Marc's baseball game.


Jenny said...

great job! that is awesome :) (i take it you weren't pushing sophia?)

Lauren P said...

Nope, Sofia and Daddy went to Starbucks while I was running. It was a good thing too...I couldn't imagine pushing her straight up hill for a mile!