Sunday, April 26, 2009


You know, those nice people that said I looked graceful while I was trying not to fall...well, they also said to be sure to stretch because I would be sore from my 10 feet of bumble, stumble, and not falling. I thanked them, but silently I was thinking "Sure buddy, that almost fall is going to make me sore....nah, the next 3 miles are going to make me sore." Sure enough, my left hammy and my left buttocks are tight and sore.

Note for next time....stretch real good after you almost make a fool of yourself running by the library.


Beth said...

Take the stick to those muscles :-) I think my pilates class is really helping with the stretching....I almost finally have my hamstrings stretched back out loose (after over a month of class). OH, and where do I get some Dunkin lovin?? I'm jealouse :-)

Jenny said...

it's amazing how something like that will make you sore! and hang tight, beth :)