Sunday, April 26, 2009

A not so fun run

I went for a run yesterday morning. I knew it needed to be a longer run, but I didn't have a route planned out. I was just going to run around the city based on how I felt. Big mistake! I should have a planned route (and I should have worn my camelbak!). My total route was 4.9 miles, but my Nike+ says I did 4.5 miles (probably not calibrated accurately for all the walking I did). After 1.75 miles, I was over by the library and hospital and I was finally finding a groove, it still wasn't a great run, but I'd found a stride and I thought I could stick it out. Then....I tripped. One of the sidewalk squares was raised up from the others and I tripped. I didn't fall, but I stumbled, threw my arms out....I almost fell. It was bad, but some other runners were nice enough to tell me that I looked graceful while I almost fell. There was no coming back. My knee felt like I'd just run 10 miles, not 2. My stomach felt a little off. And I was thirsty. I re-routed myself to the town center so that I could go by a water fountain. Then I picked up the W&OD trail and headed home. It was still another 2 miles home from here....facing directly into the sun. Thank God there is a 7-11 right near the trail. I stopped and bought a bottle of water, then ran/walked the remaining 1.5 miles home.

I definitely think we are nearing the times when I'll need to start running early (6 or 7am) to beat the heat (at least for those longer runs).

I think Sofia and I are going to head out for a short walk before it reaches 90 today. We might run a little, we'll see how we are feeling.

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Jenny said...

i'm starting to have trouble with the heat, too...

at least you didn't fall :)