Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh well

So much for running this morning. Marc is running the GWP 10 Miler and the jogger is still in his trunk from when he picked us up at Home Depot Friday afternoon and his trunk is in Old Town Alexandria. Ok, so we'll take the other stroller and just go for a nice walk, let's take the dog since I'm not sure if Marc took him out before he left this morning and he could use the exercise too. Wrong! Jack freaks out when we go beyond our parking lot. It doesn't help that the bus comes to the grocery store across the street (he doesn't like loud buses, delivery trucks, anything diesel). We got maybe one or two tenths of a mile away and he was begging to go home. And I can't very well leave Sofia in her stroller in the parking lot while I run the dog back upstairs. It's just one of those days. Is the coffee ready yet?

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Jenny said...

it's always something, isn't it?

you know i'm going to have to change my DD logo now ;)