Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny 5K

This morning, we got up at 0-dark to drive to Clemson to run a 5K with Beth, her cousin Jill, Jenny, and her daughter Mattie.

We got to Clemson with plenty of time to spare. We checked in, got our stuff, and we waited for everyone to get there. Beth called, she was having car trouble and we thought we were going to have to go and get her. She was able to get there about the same time as Jenny. I went to find a restroom and Beth and Jill come running up to tell me something. We've had a celebrity siting! Check out that report here.

The race was really small and the roads weren't closed. We had to run in the bike lane and on the sidewalks. I thought this was going to be an issue, but it wasn't! It was great. There was little to no traffic and the weather was perfect. Just slightly chilly, but bright and sunny!

The first mile came and went super fast! Then I took Mattie's stroller from Jenny so she could have a rest. Beth and I switched, and she took the stroller after about a quarter to half a mile of tons of hills. Okay, I know there is supposed to be water at a mile and a half....where is the water?? Ah finally water...must have been farther than 1.5 miles to the water stop because it was a quick turn, down hill, and there was the finish!

Whoo hoo! A great race with great weather and great friends. Come to find out, Marc won his age group, even while he was pushing a stroller. Way to go Marc!

A few post race photos...
Beth and Jill

Jenny (in the shirt that races)

Our girls


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